Echo Hunters – The Triad

The Triad is the first installment of the Echo Hunters comic. It’s about the technomancer Justin Sandinson as he’s wrangled into a dangerous scavenging job with the risk of violent transdimensional robot encounters and ruin collapse, but it turns into a spirit world mystery that his spunky magic-scientist cousin Mahri is determined to solve.

Rated 16+ for fantasy violence, swearing, and probably really dumb sexual innuendos.

Right now this comic is a work in progress and I don’t have any plans to post it publicly until each chapter is finished. I’m posting the draft pages on my Patreon when I get them done and keep people up to date on my Patreon Discord.

Here is a sample of the work in progress story. Join my Patreon to get updates when I make progress!
Some things will change in the final draft and everything will be in color.